Title 8: How the new immigration rule that remains in force after the end of Title 42 works

With the end of the pandemic, the United States government has also put an end to Title 42. Do you know what this means? Below we explain. It is well known that the United States is facing an immigration crisis like never before. In recent years, the number of people seeking asylum and migrating to this country has increased considerably. Surely you have heard about the controversial health policy Title 42, and that since this past May 11, it has been replaced by Title 8.

Three years ago, the Donald Trump government enabled a title that specified that irregular or illegal immigrants would be expelled from the country to Mexico or their country of origin without consequences for migrating in the future. However, the end of this title means that all illegal immigrants can be prosecuted and immediately deported from the country. In addition, they will be penalized with five years of not being able to return to the country or obtain a visa, and if they try to do so, they will have to face criminal prosecution for violating immigration laws. By resuming Title 8, the panic and despair of immigrants attempting to enter the country have been unleashed. This situation not only represents a danger to national security but also represents a high risk to the integrity and well-being of migrants who, in most cases, travel with their partners, children, or close relatives.

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