Todo sobre el trámite consular

Consular processing is a complicated process that usually begins with an approved family-based petition. Below, we share a summary of what consular processes imply. It is critical to understand that these processes are initiated by people who are outside the United States and who are seeking to obtain an immigration visa from this country. These […]

¡Abriendo las puertas de Los Estados Unidos!

We share a guide to understanding the different types of US visas. Depending on your reality, you could apply for one of the following visas: ● Tourist visa (B-2): This visa will allow you to enter the United States for tourism, vacations, or to visit friends and family. It is one of the most common […]

Qué llevar a su primera cita

Do you know what to bring to your first appointment to evaluate your case? The first appointment works to understand the context of your case and analyze some options to achieve your immigration goals. When it is your first meeting with an attorney to see your immigration case, it is crucial that you have the […]

¿Sabes qué son las exenciones?

The government denies an immigration application under certain circumstances because of a person’s criminal record or immigration history. In addition, US immigration law may determine that a person is ineligible, or “inadmissible,” to come to the US or obtain a visa. When a person is declared “inadmissible,” it is because they meet any of the […]